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New Prescriptions and Refills "Alvisor" giving care to patients when they need it & partnering with care organizations to provide added services to their clients/insureds.

M.A.I.A, Our "Al"visor, is the most advanced AI MedBot on the planet.

Backed by certified, licensed US-based care providers, MedicAIze is a secure, encrypted, confidential solution available 24/7

Revolutionizing Healthcare with
Artificial Intelligence

Combining the human touch of caring doctors with the capabilities of artificial intelligence to promote improved healthcare outcomes and deliver exceptional clinical performance.

What is MedicAIze?

Ai-powered digital agent platform ensuring timely access to care for healthcare organizations and patients.

MedicAIze is a cutting-edge, AI-powered medical advisor that provides round-the-clock support to patients and healthcare providers. With its secure and confidential platform, it is HIPAA compliant and interoperable, ensuring that medical data is kept confidential. The platform is reviewed by licensed medical professionals, ensuring that the advice given is accurate and trustworthy. Patients can use the platform as an inbound tool, while contracted partners can use it to monitor their patients, insureds, or as a value-added perk. With its constantly evolving and learning AI, MedicAIze provides doctors with a much-needed partner and triage tool to provide exceptional care. Its affordability and ease of integration make MedicAIze a critical part of the healthcare ecosystem.

Meet M.A.I.A.

Birthed From Experience

M.A.I.A, (pronounced MAYA, is an acronym for Medical, Artificial Intelligence Assistant), is the first AvAIsor born in the MedicAIze Lab. M.A.I.A is a cutting-edge digital robot which is not only the leading symptom checker and the most accurate AI medical assistant for quick diagnosis and triage on the market, but she can understand ones medical history and can answer ones healthcare questions intelligently and thoroughly as well as direct patients to the right care provider type. Simply put, M.A.I.A is extremely intelligent, constantly learning and never forgets and is able to be implemented as an inbound medical advisor on a partner site and/or can be configured to be an outbound wellness check solution enabling insurers, doctors, nursing homes and the like to stay in touch with their patients ensuring accurate, ongoing, affordable care. M.A.I.A is fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant and interoperable.

MedicAlze is the leading AI Medical Solution Empowering People To Stay Healthy And Caregivers The Premptive Tools To Keep Their Patients Healthy.

Why M.A.I.A?

“M.A.I.A Practices AI So Physicians Can Practice Medicine”

MedicAIze transcends traditional healthcare paradigms and emerges as a game-changing solution for employee benefit organizations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, MedicAIze optimizes healthcare delivery through intelligent automation, empowering physicians to engage in profound, patient-centric interactions. With instant virtual care for homebound patients, support for senior and child care providers, and even addressing the idiosyncrasies of cranky teens, MedicAIze seamlessly caters to diverse populations. The MedicAIze platform extends its value to self-insured groups, agencies involved in-home care, and unlocks comprehensive healthcare solutions. The possibilities are limitless and the advantages of embracing MedicAIze are akin to experiencing a fantastical journey in the realm of transformative healthcare.

Reimagining Patient and Provider Experiences with Trusted AI

Experience the Journey as a :

Partner Journey to Care

1Partner invites patients to platform (via portal, xIs, or API.) HIPAA release uploaded if applicable.
2Patient invited to the platform, patients medical records are aggregated and M.A.I.A prepares questions to care for the patient.
3MedicAIze will ask relevant questions and provide an intelligent e-diagnoses and will even allow for e-prescriptions allowing for care when a patient needs it regardless of where they are.
4Records will be shareable back to further treatment or to the authorized partner to whom the patient signed assigned the HIPAA authorization.

Patient Journey to Care

1Patients enters health conditions as well as enters if they are new or existing patient and/ or if they were invited by a referrer site such as an insurance company.
2MedicAIze will automatically go out and get patients records allowing for personalized care. Utilizing cutting edge technology M.A.I.A can understand the below and more.
3MedicAIze will ask relevant questions and provide an intelligent e-diagnoses and will even allow for e-prescriptions allowing for care when a patient needs it regardless of where they are.
4MedicAIze is fully interoperable, data will be shareable back to the Primary Care Physician. Patient can opt out of sharing records if they wish.

Vitals in Selfie

Snap, Smile, and Decode Your Vitals

MedicAIze’s onboarding process is a seamless experience, aided by its cutting-edge AI technology. By taking a selfie, M.A.I.A AI can capture a vital summary of a patient’s care, including blood pressure, oxygen saturation, stress levels, and more. This advanced technology enhances accuracy and ensures that the patient’s data is completely secure and confidential.

Moreover, this technology streamlines the onboarding process for patients, reducing the time and effort required to gather essential medical information. The use of cutting-edge AI technology in the onboarding process eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and redundant questionnaires, making it a much more efficient and user-friendly experience.

This AI-based process is highly beneficial for patients, especially those living in rural areas, on cruise ships or airplanes, or for those who are physically unable to visit a doctor’s office. By utilizing MedicAIze, patients can access care from their care providers without the need for a physical visit, ensuring timely medical attention and monitoring, regardless of location.

MedicAIze’s AI onboarding process is a powerful tool that not only helps improve the accuracy of patient data, but also provides a more accessible, convenient, and patient-centric approach to healthcare. By utilizing this technology, patients can receive the care they need, regardless of their location, while also ensuring that their data is secure and confidential.

Empowering Patients in Their Care: The M.A.I.A Experience

Our mission-driven AI Care Operates round the clock to provide personalized and confidential healthcare experiences that empower patients, while also reducing costs for individuals and insurance providers

AI Wellness Check

High Satisfaction Patient Rating

Fewer Hospitalizations

Ready Set Treat!

MedicAIze is the ideal platform for physicians and patients alike. With easy integration into existing workflows and minimal training required, it’s no wonder that our solution is loved by healthcare providers and patients alike. Our simple-to-use APIs make integration and onboarding a breeze for your technical team. Patients appreciate our non-discrinatory and non-judgmental approach, allowing for easy access and use. Don’t wait – get started with MedicAIze today!

Al Powered Healthcare Journey

MedicAlze Al Robots possess the necessary capabilities to effortlessly navigate intricate clinical and administrative tasks within the
healthcare industry

Everyone Wins!

Patients, members, doctors, and providers have the ability to with MedicAlze Al or medical professionals at any time

Personalized Care

M.A.I.A examines conversations to discern sentiments expressed by words and phrases. It responds accordingly, providing appropriate levels of care and comfort tailored to each individual enabling personalized care.

Agnostic Multilingual Communication

M.A.I.A understands healthcare language, including clinical terms, abbreviations, and consumer/patient/provider lingo. It communicates using everyday terminology that is easily understood by all parties, including insurers. It also supports ICD coding integration for enhanced efficiency.

Interoperable by Design

M.A.I.A seamlessly integrates with national EHRS/EMRs, providing full interoperability for effortless access to medical history. This enables a streamlined and comprehensive view of patient records, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare processes.

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